The complete set of report documents distributed by the Commission include 14 pieces. Here are these directly related to you:

First of all, the reporting guidelines (a .pdf file)

The following forms should be filled out and delivered to us:

We need your input concerning the following forms (we will combine them into one piece):

Also, if you have already any publications that somehow address CELLION, we would be grateful to provide us information on them.
And of course please don't forget to mention CELLION in all related publications !

There are several questionaires to be delivered by a scientific_in_charge and recruited researchers (mid-term, final, and follow-up i.e. 2 years after completing the training). As most of the recruited persons are only at the beginning of their training, in this moment these questionaires concern only few cases of 3-month stay (S.Gurska, A.M.Monteiro Fereira).
But please, don't ignore them, they must be delivered in due time !

The following forms will be completed by the Coordinator - we put them here just to have all parts together:
appendix6_periodic_report_community distribution

The following information may be helpful in reports' preparation:

1. The .ppt presentation from Uppsala "CELLION finances" (JL).
2. Another .ppt presented recently in Krakow: "Management" (ZS).
3. Information from the coordinators meeting in Bruxelles (September 2004), gathered in form of questions and answers.

We have asked several questions to our officer and here are the answers.

A. For those who do NOT pay in Euro what are the Euro exchange rates that should be used in financial report?
Answer: Here are fixed rates to be applied after second reporting period of CELLION:

Great Britain: GBP/Euro = 0.68060  (2005: 0.69255)
Sweden: SEK/Euro = 9.2352  (2005: 9.0875)
Poland: PLN/Euro = 3.8151  (2005: 4.0530)

All rates correspond to a fixed date of  01 Feb. 2006 and are taken from the European Central Bank web page.
However, please note also the following answer from our liason officer - you have a choice:
Your partners can choose whether they apply the exchange rate valid at the time of the invoices (so it means a different exchange rate for each cost item) or if they choose the exchange rate valid the month after the end of the first reporting period. So, in your case you would apply the conversion rate from 1 February 05.

B. Answers to specific questions:
1: Joint publications - CELLION is an RTN, therefore is it so that any publication should include at least two partners from different groups to be counted as related to project ?
Answer: Any kind of publications, posters, presentatons etc. originating from the Cellion co-operation are accepted, whether they are joint or single team publications.
2: Joint experiments - can we use particpation money (400/month) for covering travel costs and accomodation when sending a PhD student to other group for performing an experiment directly related to his PhD ?
3: Training - more or less as above, but using a magic word.

Answers to 2 & 3: Costs incurred by YRs in relation to terms of training, visits, secondments can be paid indeed from cost category E. This does not mean though that the YRs should systematically pay for the experimental costs.