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Final meeting – 5th April 2008, Krakow

Dear CELLION participants,

We are quickly approaching the final meeting in Krakow.
Below please find few organizational details:

- I am attaching to this mail a short, preliminary program of the event.  
In this version I haven't planned any scientific report from the participants, as the final meeting is rather for Principal
Investigators who should fix all formal and organizational issues related to closing the project.  But of course we have
nothing against other contributions.
If you have any suggestions, welcome.

- Unless directly required differently, you will all be accomodated in the city center (we booked several rooms
for 2 nights from Friday 4th):

Bed&Breakfast, Wislna Street 10, Krakow
tel. +48-12 421 98 71
Their web link is below:

- The meeting will take place at the IFJ PAN.
Transport will be provided between Krakow airport and the hotel and between hotel and the IFJ.  So, if you would
like to use our transport, please let us know your time of arrival (maybe also flight number).

- One of the main goals of the meeting is to acquire data helpful in preparing the final report.  Therefore I would
be very grateful for short (one page maximum, preferably even less) summary of the activity of each participating
institution during the whole CELLION duration.   I think that it should be rather institution-oriented text,
as the task-oriented version may be relatively easily extracted from these data.

- Please provide information (starting/closing date) of the reseachers active in last period (not only the ones recruited in last period!).

See you in Krakow,
                                   Zbyszek Stachura and Janusz Lekki

PS. Important (!) - we have just obtained the next payment from EC and currently we are distributing these money in the RTN.
It would be very helpful if those who have not delivered yet their Forms C could send us at least the rough, preliminary
version of this document !  Otherwise we will be forced to guess your expences and probably we will fail.    Please note
that formally deadline for financial report is mid-March.

Important !

ESR/ER who already finished their activity inside the network are kindly requested to fill out the final assessment formular (!).

The link (updated recently !):  
Instrument: MCA
Project type: RTN
Questionnaire type: Assessment
Project ID: 503923


3rd report accepted; extension impossible.


Here’s the recent email from Dr Kaisa Hellevuo, our officer in Brussels:


„I have reviewed your 3rd year report and find your research/training progress very good! Your file will be transferred to the financial unit soon.“


However, a question whether CELLION could be extended in order to spend all the planned person-months in all groups was answered negatively:


„It is of course a pity if all the person months cannot be used.  However, the general policy in the Marie Curie RTN actions is not to award no-cost extensions due to late recruitment. The view of the directorate is that effectively a 3-year budget is awarded for 4 years in the RTN and therefore, the extensions would not be considered.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but I hope that you and your partners will understand this view.“


We have a new officer in charge of CELLION, Dr. Kaisa HELLEVUO.
Her contact details:

Project Officer in Life Sciences
Marie Curie Networks
European Commission
Directorate-General for Research
Unit T.3
Office: SDME 3/88
B-1049 Brussels
Telephone: +32-2-298 48 13
Unit's Fax: +32-2-296 21 36

The Third Annual Meeting has been organized by Prof. Roberto Cherubini in Padova

Here are the general information, and the schedule of this event.

More information, together with the General Assembly Meeting minutes, overview of the management issues and the PPT presentations of young researchers can be found in the protected area. In particular, the highly interesting and inspiring lecture of Prof. Michael A. Mackey from the Biomedical Engineering and Pathology Dept. of the University of Iowa is accessible there.


The Organizing Committee of the 13th International Congress of Radiation Research (San Francisco, July 8–12, 2007, has invited Zbyszek Stachura to co-chair a workshop on "New technology in sub-cellular microbeams" (the other chairman will be Gerhard Randers-Pehrson). This gives the great opportunity to present our results and our network. Please consider the participance of you and your researchers in this event.  We hope to provide more information later.

We have got a permission from EC to shift our annual CELLION meeting to the more favourable spring term.  Professor Cherubini has confirmed hosting of this event.  

The proposed date is April 20-21.

This, however, does not free us from completing the 3rd period reporting in the required time (up to the middle of March).

As we did a year ago, I (JL) declare my readiness to check the drafts of Forms C.  This will not slow you down, as I promise to send the previewed forms on the same or on the next day (excluding the period of February 19-27).

We will be very grateful for materials enabling me composing the Activity Report of our 3rd reporting period. Therefore, I would greatly apreciate sending me data related
to ESR/ER training and scientific output (publications !!!, participance in conferences, etc).  Please don't forget about any additional courses or secondments.

End of August / beginning of September Lund University group led by Prof. Jan Pallon organized a series of lectures and a hands-on workshop for the CELLION participants. The complete materials from this event (lectures from Hven and CELLION researchers’ presentations) are accessible here.

As almost all CELLION groups attended the ICNMTA 2006 in Singapore, project Scientists in Charge gathered at this occasion at the General Assembly meeting in order to discuss current issues, mainly related to finances and the new proposed grant application. The minutes from the Assembly are accessible here.  


 Materials from the Bordeaux mid-term meeting are already accessible here.


Bordeaux mid-term meeting

The mid-term meeting of CELLION has been scheduled for the first weekend of February, Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th in Bordeaux. Many thanks to Professor Philippe Moretto for organising this event.
A final schedule, accepted by Ms Annette Schneegans, our Commission representative, is stored here.

As the mid-term seems to be quite important for the Commission, please read also the following explanatory remarks. They will facilitate your preparation to the meeting. Please note that all Scientists in Charge and ESR/ER recruited for the network should participate. Also ER that have been recruited, but already have finished their engagement in CELLION may participate (i.e. be financed by the network).

The coordinator is obliged to present a summary of CELLION activity in first half of its existence. Therefore, we will be very obliged for providing us with information of scientific and training output of the project, in particular:
- publications in referred journals
- participation in conferences / oral talks / posters
- external training / secondments / etc.
related and supported by CELLION.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Healthy, Successful New Year 2006.

See you all in Bordeaux,


Micros_2005 in Venice

In mid-November 2005, a lot of CELLION related research has been presented in frames of the 14th Symposium on Microdosimetry Micros 2005 held in San Servolo Congress Center in beautiful Venice. The conference was co-organized by CELLION participants, Prof. Roberto Cherubini and Dr. Silvia Gerardi from Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro - INFN.
Many lectures from the conference in PDF format or as PowerPoint presentations will be accessible online in nearest future.

During the conference a CELLION workshop has been organized, related to the possibility of the use of Geant4 software package for simulation and modeling of single ion irradiation. Lectures dealing with various aspects of Geant4 operation have been given by Dr. Maria Grazia Pia, Susanna Guatelli, and Giorgio Guerreri (INFN Genova). These presentations will also be accesible online.

Venice Nov. 2005    Venice Nov. 2005


Leipzig meeting

In the first week of October there was a meeting and hands-on workshop for early-stage researchers organized by the University of Leipzig. The materials related to this event and in particular all .PPT presentations of the participants are accessible in protected area. Please have also a look at a very useful overview of European microprobe-based cells irradiation program presented by Professor Tilman Butz at the RISC-RAD meeting in Helsinki.

Many thanks to the Organisers (extreme left and right on the photo) for preparing this event !


More photos from Leipzig on Sasza Veselov's private web page.



Please visit "Job offers" page

We have just closed an annual CELLION meeting and a hands-on workshop for the PhD students in Krakow.
Thank you all for coming to Poland, presenting your work and a fruitful discussion at the General Assembly meeting.

Materials related to young reserchers' presentations and the GA meeting are stored in the protected area. In particular, documents that are needed (or may be helpful) for report preparation are stored together here.

Witek HotelCollegium Medicum 01Collegium Medicum 02

We (ZS and JL) have recently taken part in the coordinators meeting in Bruxelles.
Report from this meeting, in form of a list of questions and answers given by our liason officers can be found here.

The list of e-mail addresses of all young researchers recruited for CELLION has been added recently.
It will be extended by a list of links to web pages of these persons.