The kick-off meeting of the CELLION project took place in Uppsala on 28th of February 2004.
Many thanks to Prof. Klas Hjort for organizing the whole event.
The CELLION meeting followed the Ion Track Technology EUNITT annual workshop.
(for those interested, we provide EUNITT proceedings).

The participants list and the program of the CELLION meeting may be found here.

New: Kick-off meeting minutes.

We have got agreements from participants to put here their presentations. Below is a list of contributions that are already accesible in the order as they have been presented:

   Z.Stachura - Welcome to CELLION

    M.Folkard - GCI
    B.Fischer - GSI
    R.Cherubini - Legnaro
    P.Moretto - Bordeaux
    W.Dabros - JUMC
    T.Butz - Leipzig
   J.Pallon and Ch.Nilsson - Lund
    G.W.Grime and N.Kirkby - Surrey
    K.Hjort - Uppsala
    Z.Stachura - IFJ

Three additional presentations covered last moment results of first experiments on apoptosis transduction pathways (presented by Philippe Moretto), simulations at the cellular scale using GEANT4 package (Sebastien Incerti) and, finally, several options of possible collaboration with University of Singapore (Marian Cholewa).

In an administration part of the meeting some financial topics and examples were presented (JL). However, this file contains general information only and may be found also in public area of the CELLION web server.