Third Annual Meeting of CELLION


The third CELLION annual meeting was organized in Padova by Prof. Roberto Cherubini and the INFN-LNL group on Friday/Saturday 20-21.04.2007.
Most of ESR/ER recruited for the network were participating, together with scientists in charge, representing all but one CELLION members.
An external expert, Prof. Michael A. Mackey from the University of Iowa, was invited to participate in the meeting. As the first speaker, he gave an introductory lecture The “Large Scale Digital Cell Analysis Facility” and its application in radiation biology, summarising research of his group at the Iowa University. The lecture is in Open Office presentation format (extension .odp) and contains a lot of multimedia. Therefore, it’s made accessible as a single, huge (117 MB) .zip file.
The detailed schedule of the mid-term meeting is stored here.

 The following seminars (time order preserved) have been presented during the event. They illustrate current status of research in the network groups and young researchers work progress. All seminars were presented by ESR/ER recruited to the RTN.

1. Rasa Ugenskiene, JUMC Cracow
2. Ghuangua Du, GSI Darmstadt (short films: wmv1, wmv2, wmv3)
3. Dr. Thomas Pouthier, CENBG / GSI Darmstadt
4. Marcin Skoczylas, INFN Legnaro (short films: avi1, avi2)
5. Dr Denis Guryev, INFN Legnaro
6. Markus Hohlweg, University of Leipzig
7. Daniela Kolbe, University of Leipzig
8. Charlotta Nilsson, University of Leipzig
9. Natalia Arteaga Marrero, Lund University
10. Gunjana Sharma, Uppsala University
11. Giselle Flaccavento, GCI Northwood

A short presentation, given by the coordinator, summarised the current organisational status of the network and the reporting issues. Following the presentation, a General Assembly discussion was mainly devoted to a question, how to effectively spend the resources that are still accessible in frames of CELLION. There is a general agreement between the participants to shift some of unused person-months between groups.
A more detailed report from the General Assembly discussion will be linked here.

We link here also the current (20.04.2007) list of CELLION-supported publications.