The detailed schedule of the Hven / Lund event is stored here.

Here's the link provided by Jan Pallon to presentations given by lectures in frames of our Summer School at Hven.

The seminars given by the CELLION researchers are listed below:

1. Giselle Flaccavento (GCI)
2. Markus Heiss (Darmstadt)
3. Denis Guryev (Legnaro)
4. Marcin Skoczylas (Legnaro)
5. Rasa Ugenskiene (Cracow)
6. Herve Seznec (Bordeaux)
7. Frederik Andersson (Bordeaux)
8. Charlotta Nilsson (Leipzig)
9. Natalia Arteaga Marrero (Lund)
10. Morgiane Richard (Surrey)

Thanks to courtesy of our lecturer's from Lund University, also these presentations will be added here in nearest future.